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Security Chain Wire Fencing Perth (Chain Mesh)

Security Chain Wire Fencing Security Chain Wire Fencing Security Chain Wire Fencing Security Chain Wire Fencing Security Chain Wire Fencing Security Chain Wire Fencing Security Chain Wire Fencing Security Chain Wire Fencing

Chain wire or sometimes called chain mesh is tried, tested and an excellent choice for providing an effective security fence. It's versatility and flexibility make it ideal for fencing around an extremely large range of sites and equipment. For additional security, chain wire security fences are usually topped with rows of barb wire or razor wire, but there are many other security features that can be added to deter intruders.

CAI Fences are one of the few fencing companies that manufacture our own chain wire to high quality Australian standards and can customise chain wire fencing to any requirements. Our chain wire fencing is highly durable and requires minimal maintenance.

Security Chain Wire Fencing is Ideal for

  • Fencing where a medium level of security is important.
  • Commercial & Industrial perimeter fencing applications
  • Internal segregation within a factory or warehouse
  • Factory enclosures, building sites, government projects, property owners, mine sites, prisons & detention centres.

Chain Wire Technical Information

Chain Wire

CAI Fences manufacture and supply chain-wire from our Perth factory using high grade Australian steel and all our chain wire fences are built to strict Australian standards and closely monitored quality systems.

The CAI chain-wire can be ordered on a supply only basis or supplied & fitted as part of a whole fencing project either galvanised or powder coated in Green or Black.

Security Features

Most commonly barb wire is used where additional security is required and is normally secured above the fence or on the external side of the fence posts. When adding extra security features like barb wire or razor wire, fence posts can have extensions fitted above the top level of the chain wire for the attachment of the barb wire or razor wire. These extensions can be straight or bent at 45° and protruding at 90° to the fence line.

More Chain Wire Fencing Information

Fence Posts & Rails

Fence posts and rails are made from galvanised pipe cut to length to suit the overall fence specifications. Posts and rails can be supplied in galvanised form or powder coated in Green or Black.

Fence Panels

Chainwire panes can be customised from 610 mm up to 3660 mm wide.

Fence Heights

Chainwire fence heights can be customised to suit.

Chain Wire Gates

Chain wire gates can be made in any size from 1000 mm up to 1500 mm wide

Chain wire fences

Some of our recent chain wire fencing projects

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